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    CPU Allocation *


    RAM in GB *


    SSD Storage


    MLSAS Storage


    SSD-KRYPTO Storage

    Created vm´s will be encrypted. Replication is not possible.

    Bandwidth usage

    Included bandwith usage - exceeding will be billed 6€ TB

    IP v4 Subnet Size

    IP v6 Subnet Size

    Edge Services Gateway

    Edge Services Gateway ( €15.00 EUR Kuutasu )
    Edge Gateway HA Redundancy ( €5.00 EUR Kuutasu )
    The ESG gives you access to all VMware NSX Edge services such as firewall, NAT, DHCP, SSL/ IPSEC VPN, load balancing, and high availability.

    Organization Domain Name *

    Please provide your organization domain name to use in vCloud. It will be used future in VM names.


    Software - Cpanel VPS Monthly Licence

      Software - Windows Server Licence for 8 Core

      Windows Server Standard is available in 4-core packs. The number of core licenses required equals the number of physical cores on the licensed server, subject to a minimum of 8 core licenses per physical processor Additional cores can be licensed in increments of 4 cores for gradual increases in core density growth. Virtualization : When all physical cores on a server are licensed, with a minimum of 8 core per physical processor and a minimum of 16 core licenses per server you can use up to one Operating System Environments (OSEs) or Hyper-V containers and unlimited Windows Server containers on the licensed server. For each additional VMs, all the physical cores in the server must be licensed again.

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      VMware vCloud €19.00 EUR
      CPU Allocation:
      RAM in GB:
      SSD Storage: 10
      MLSAS Storage:
      SSD-KRYPTO Storage:
      Bandwidth usage: 5 TB/Month included
      IP v4 Subnet Size: /29 (3IP)
      IP v6 Subnet Size: None
      Organization Domain Name
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